May 8, 2017

How To Purchase New York Metro Card?

If it's your first time visiting to New York City and you plan on using public transportation Subway there, make sure to check out my article on How Much To Put On Metro Card? first. After that, you can read the steps below on how to purchase the Metro Card. I found the process rather confusing at first when I first visited New York City and sure did not like the fact that people were waiting behind me while I was trying to figure out how to get a Subway Metro Card from the vending machine.

Do-It-Yourself Method
Purchasing the New York Subway Metro Card is actually very easy. The most convenient do-it-yourself way is to buy it from the Metro Card vending machine, to do that folllow these steps:
  1. Know beforehand how much money you want to put on the Metro Card. How Much To Put On Metro Card? 
  2. Locate a Subway station.
  3. At the Metro Card vending machine , follow the instructions on the touch screen.
  4. Tap Other Amount, when you put in the amount you want, make sure it is NOT included the $1 Metro Card. That amount will be added to the final balance on the final screen if you don't have the card yet. 
  5. Pay using cash, debit or credit card. If you use card, on the left bottom corner, insert the card side according to the displayed image on the slot and remove it right away. So insert and then remove. 
  6. Once it's done, the Metro Card will be dispensed from the top right hand and NOT the bottom. 
Bottom Left Corner: Pay With Credit Card
Top Right Says Metro Card: Metro Card Dispension
Other Methods
If you prefer the method of getting the Metro Card from a live person, you can purchase directly from the Subway's customer service window located in the Subway station (cash only) or retailer. You can find the retailers using the following link:

How To Use Metro Card?
To use the Metro Card for Subway rides, it's very easy. At the turnstiles entrance, you simply swipe your card. The Metro Card shows the arrow direction that you neee to swipe the card on the metal machine. Don't swipe too slow, but if you do you will see the sign tells you so and asks you to swipe again.
Follow the Arrow Sign and Swipe!
Remember the Metro Card can be used for multiple people, so once one person is done and entered, simply pass the card to the next person to swipe then enter. It's worth noting that you can see the balance remaining on the card on the screen on the swiping metal machine after each swipe.

Enjoy the trip to New York City!

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