April 11, 2017

New York City Planning Part 4: Free New York Harbor And Statue of Liberty Cruise With The Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry service is a great option for those that are traveling to New York City on budget because it takes passengers from Manhattan to Staten Island and back for FREE. It enables visitors to enjoy the harbor cruise of Manhattan skylines and beautiful views of New York's iconic Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Therefore, if you just want to see the Statue of Liberty without going into the monument and paying for the entrance ticket, this is a great opportunity to do so.

See Manhattan Skylines From Harbor Cruise With Free Staten Island Ferry
The Staten Island Ferry leaves from Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan which can be easily reached by the Subway train, and arrives in St. George Terminal in Staten Island right in downtown area. The ferry runs 24/7 and pretty frequent both days and nights. For more detailed schedule information, please click here to view the schedule.

The sailing takes approximately 25 minutes. No ticket needed; however, if you want to return from Staten Island to Manhattan, you must disembark the ferry and go to the waiting area for the return ferry. If you have never visited the Staten Island, you might as well explore it before heading back to Manhattan. There are some attractions near the ferry terminal such as the Staten Island Museum, St. George Theater, Staten Island Borough Hall, to name a few. The St. George area is also a beautiful waterfront downtown of Staten Island, so take your time to stroll along the waterfront and sample some restaurants and bars while there. Make the FREE Staten Island Ferry service worthwhile!

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