March 29, 2017

Requesting Missing Miles Flown on Singapore Airlines and Crediting Those Miles to United Airlines Instead

Question Asked: 
"I just flew with Singapore airlines and I want to accrue miles. But I don't want to accrue Singapore airlines miles. I fly more in the States and therefore can I credit those miles to a U.S airline instead?"

You can earn miles through International airlines if the airline has partnership with the U.S. airlines. To answer the above question, yes you can! if you fly with Singapore Airlines but because you don't fly Singapore that often and therefore it does not make sense to accrue their miles, you can credit those miles with United Airlines instead. Both airlines have partnership under the Star Alliance.

Given the above example with Singapore and United Airlines. If you did not have a chance to ask Singapore Airlines agent to put your United Mileage Program number on your reservation, then you certainly can request those missing miles later on after you have flown the flight. The tricky part is that you can't do that directly with Singapore Airlines. They require you to have KrisFlyer account (Singapore's mileage program) in order to request missing miles. This makes sense only if you want to credit those missing miles into KrisFlyer account. However, you want to credit those missing miles into your United Mileage account.

Here are the steps to do that:
  1. Make sure you saved your boarding passes because there's a ticket number on each boarding pass. If you don't have the boarding passes, check online booking management and your email/receipt to get the ticket number. If all fails, call up Singapore Airlines at 1-800-742-3333 and they should be able to help you locating the ticket number. Singapore Airlines ticket number starts with 618.
    1. Please note that if you fly with Silk Air, you cannot accrue United miles. That's because Silk Air partners with Singapore Airlines, but not with United. Silk Air's ticket number starts with 629.
  2. The next step is to verify what type of "fare class" your ticket is. Each class earns different type of award miles. You can view this information here (LINK) on how many United miles you earn through flying with Singapore Airlines. To check the fare class, look at your email/receipt, online booking management; otherwise call up Singapore Airlines. 
  3. Once you have those two information, make sure you know the flight number, flight dates, and from where to where. 
  4. Call up United to provide those information to request those missing miles. If you prefer to do it online, head over to United site for requesting miles credit and fill out the online form with the information that you have gathered above. 
  5. You are all set and wait for your eligible miles to be credited. According to United, it takes approximately 14 days to request missing miles from partnered airlines. 
Editorial Notes: 
  • If you are into this collecting miles program, every time you purchase a ticket, make sure your desired mileage program is entered. If both airlines have partnership, you can earn miles through one program or the other but not both. 
  • After the flight, you can request missing miles. However, to request those miles, you actually will contact the airline that you want the miles to be credited to with all necessary information outlined in the steps above. 

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