February 17, 2017

Vietnam Introduced New E-Visa and American Passports Qualify!

We were planning last year to go to Vietnam this year, but Vietnam decided to jack up the fee for visa on arrivals for U.S. passport holders in September last year from $25 to $135 per visa per person. If you travel as a family, this fee can really add up! They stopped issuing the $25 visa on arrival that is for single entry 30 days, whereas the new $135 one is for multiple entries 1 year. I'm fascinated by Vietnam but not enough to visit there multiple times in a year! So we changed the plan an decided to go to other Southeast Asian countries that offer free visa to U.S. passport holders instead. 

Apply For E-Visa & Eat Authentic Pho in Vietnam!
Just like what I expected, Vietnam's tourism industry had suffered due to the increased visa fee. Now starting February 1, 2017, they introduced the e-visa for certain passport nationals and U.S.A is one of the countries that is on the list. The e-visa will be so much convenient and the cheapest way compared to other methods in place for getting a visa on arrival in Vietnam. Best of all, it offers 30 days single entry for only $25! 

I'm excited about this news. I love when a country makes it reasonable to get a visa for travelers to go visit. This is still a new system that Vietnam calls it a "pilot." Therefore,  I'd suggest that we hold off rushing to apply for this e-visa and wait it out to see what other travelers are going to experience with using this type of visa both at the airport and border-crossing. But if you already planned on going to Vietnam anyway, you can apply for the e-visa and let us know about your experience! 

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