February 2, 2017

The Complete Guide To Chase Sapphire Reserve's Priority Pass Airport Lounges Membership

UPDATE: November 2017 The Priority Pass Select Membership Card through Chase Sapphire Reserve is now digital/mobile enabled. Go to this link to register: https://www.prioritypass.com/chasedmc

One of the great benefits of Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card for frequent flyers is the Priority Pass Select membership. The membership allows access to over 900 airport VIP lounges in more than 400 cities around the world. I personally love airport lounges when I fly. They are quiet and comfortable to work or relax while waiting for flights. In addition, I can enjoy food, snacks, and drinks with no charge. Some lounges even have conference room in a private setting that I can make phone calls without being interrupted by others or afraid of others overhear my conversation.

Chase Sapphire Reserve card provides the Priority Pass Select membership to cardholders as an annual complimentary beneift, but cardholders will need to go to Chase Ultimate Rewards portal to activate and request the Priority Pass Select membership card to be mailed out.

Relax At Priority Pass Participating Lounge In Honolulu Airport While Waiting For Inter Island Flight

Activate Priority Pass Membership With Chase Sapphire Reserve
  1. Log on to your Chase account.
  2. Go to Ultimate Rewards under Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. 
  3. Hover on the "Use Points" drop down and click on "Card Benefits."
  4. Select Activate under the Airport Lounge Access. The button then changes to Green as an indication that you have requested the Priority Pass Select card to be mailed out to your address on file. 
Activate Priority Pass Membership Card Through Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal

How Long It Takes To Get The Priority Pass Membership Card?
According to Chase, it states that 2-3 weeks for you to get your Priority Pass membership card. From my personal experience, I activated to request my Priority Pass card on January 10, 2017 and I received the card in a week. 

Guesting Privileges With Priority Pass Through Chase Sapphire Reserve
Your priority pass membership with Chase Sapphire Reserve also allows you to bring unlimited accompanying guests with you to visit any participating lounges at no charge. That way you and your travel companions can enjoy the lounges together while waiting for connecting flights. Do keep in mind though, some lounges do have restriction on how many guests they allow to enter.  

Chase Sapphire Reserve's Authorized User
One of the arguments that I made in the article on Is It Worth It to Add Authorized User to Chase Sapphire Reserve? is the ability to have each Chase Sapphire Reserve's authorized user has his/own Priority Pass membership card when s/he is not traveling with the primary card member. Their Priority Pass Select membership benefits are the same, which also includes the ability to take their own accompany guests into the lounges at no cost. 

How To Request Priority Pass Select Membership For Authorized User?
Once the primary Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder activates the request to receive the Priority Pass Select membership card in the Ultimate Rewards portal, Chase automatically sends request to Priority Pass Select to send additional Priority Pass membership card to each authorized user. The process is done automatically so there's no need to call Chase for that. For example, I requested my Priority Pass card on January 10, 2017, sometime after that I added an authorized user to my Chase Sapphire Reserve. When the Priority Pass cards arrive, both me and my authorized user receive our own separate card with completely different card numbers, but with the same full benefits. 

How Long The Priority Pass Select Membership With Chase Sapphire Reserve Is Good For?
One year - I requested my Priority Pass membership card on January 10, 2017 and my card has expiration date of January 31, 2018. 

Sapphire Reserve's Priority Pass Select Membership Card And Priority Pass Lounges
At this time, the Priority Pass Select Membership Card through Chase Sapphire Reserve is not digital/mobile enabled yet. You will need to carry the plastic card and show it each time you want to enter the participating lounges. [Update Nov 2017: Priority Pass Card through Chase Sapphire Reserve is now digital/mobile enabled. Register here.] It always gives me a peace of mind anyway with the plastic card vs. digital card. However, there's a useful Priority Pass app that you can download on your mobile and search for any Priority Pass's participating airport lounges.

What Happens To Other Priority Pass Select Membership Card That I Received Through Other Credit Cards?
Chase Sapphire Reserve is not the only card that provides this Priority Pass membership to cardholders. American Express Platinum and Citi Prestige credit cards also have this benefit, but each Priority Pass card that you receive through each credit card is its own entity. In other words, they are all different. Your lounge privilege along with guesting privileges do not tie to your first and last name whatsoever, but rather your plastic Priority Pass membership card that you receive through each credit card. 

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