February 10, 2017

Q&A of Booking Flight and Getting 50% Amex Rewards Points Back With Business Platinum Card

Besides the $200 Airline Fees Credit with Amex Platinum Credit Card, the Business version of this card provides much better benefit when it comes to using Amex Membership Rewards points for flights. You get 50% of the redeemed points back on Business and First class tickets with any airlines and economy class with your selected qualifying airline.

How Does this Benefit Work? 
American Express Platinum Credit Card requires that you first pick an airline. When you redeem the Membership Rewards Points for economy class tickets on that selected qualifying airline, you will receive 50% points back. When you redeem the Membership Rewards Points for Business and First Class tickets with ANY airlines, you will also receive 50% points back.

Does the Cardholder Need to be on the Flight's Reservation?
No. Cardholder can book as many tickets as s/he wants for friends and family. S/He is not required to fly or be on the flight's reservation. The 50% points back still apply to the purchased tickets using Membership Rewards Points even though the ticket has no cardholder's name.

How to Book Flight Ticket With Membership Rewards Points?
Go to American Express Travel website.
Log into your American Express account.
Put in origin and destination, etc. as you typically book a flight ticket.
On the searched page, it will display both the cash value and the points value. It is 1 cent per 1 point.
Select your desired flight and follow the screen to pay using your American Express points.

Cash vs. Points

Do I Receive 50% Points Back Instantly?
The process of getting your 50% points back is NOT instant. The points that you redeem for the flight ticket, however, get deducted from your Membership Rewards Points instantly, but you will have to wait until the charge is settled and then your 50% points back will show up. You will see that the cash price of the ticket will be posted to your account, but 2 days later you will see the statement credit because you use points to redeem for that ticket price. In the meantime, your Membership Rewards Points reflect the 50% points back as well. See screenshots below:

The Charge & Statement Credit Posted!
50% Points Back Also Posted!

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