February 3, 2017

A Magnetic Travel Hobby That Gives The Name To This Travel Blog

The Genesis
The hobby of collecting magnets from places that I have been or traveled to started out when I was going to school in Indiana. I went into an admission associate's office and his metal desk is full of U.S cities and states magnets. I asked if he's ever been to all of those places, he said some but not all. That inspired me until now to keep traveling and collecting magnetic souvenirs. One thing that makes my collection different from his though is the concept that I only collect travel magnets from places that I have actually been to.

The Magnetic Boards
This magnetic travel hobby started out small and it was very simple to find spaces on my fridge to put up those souvenirs. But I kept catching the travel bugs and the collection became out of control that I had to find bigger boards for those magnets. If you are wondering where I've traveled to, you can just check out my magnetic boards below. One board mainly is for my U.S., Canada travels and another one is for my International travels. For the U.S. one, I tried to arrange those magnets of places according to where each U.S. state is found on the map so that it's easy for me to find a particular magnet for a particular city/state. I have a lot of different kinds and looks of magnets from U.S. cities, states, national parks, attractions, and of course countries. When I visit a place, I always try to find a magnet souvenir that has unique looking yet represents the place well.

U.S. & Canada Magnets
International Countries Magnets Running Out of Space Soon!
Why Magnets?
Why magnets, you ask? Besides the inspiration that I had mentioned above, I found magnets are so easy to collect because they are inexpensive, small and can fit into my suitcase or bag easily. Best of all, I love looking at all my travel magnets in one place and each magnet brings back the memories of the journey and destination that I have been very fortunate to visit throughout the years. It's another way to remind myself of being grateful to what I have accomplished and traveled to. One of my favorite saying is "I can't buy happiness but I can buy a plane ticket! That's close enough." although half the time I use airline miles for that ;-)

Here are a few of my favorite magnets from my collection.

The FIRST magnet on my fridge from San Fransisco.
Visited in 2004.
I find the Alcatraz magnet from San Fransisco is very cute and funny.
I took my mom to San Fransisco and took the opportunity to see the Alcatraz for the first time.
The Angkor temple in Cambodia has a special meaning in my heart and
this magnet has unique design that represents this one of the wonders of the world very well.
The Chitchen Itza in Mexico is another one of the wonders of the world.
This magnet is locally made and that's a great way to support the locals.
When visiting Barcelona Spain, I picked up this locally made magnet at La Rumbla.
It's beautifully designed and all major sights of Barcelona can be found on that magnet
including the stunning Sagrada Familia.

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  1. Very cool idea - I tried doing the same but ended up with a fridge full door too heavy with magnets!