January 7, 2017

Save Money On Rental Cars With Costco Travel And Add Authorized Driver For Free

One of the thing that I don't like when it comes to make travel arrangement is making rental car booking. The reason is that those rental car companies have so many promotional codes that they are typically confusing to figure out the terms. I spend too much time trying to search for those codes that work online, and it is at a point that I don't think it is the best use of my time anymore.

Then... I found Costco Travel Website.

Introducing Costco Travel Website

I am pretty sure all of us are familiar with Costco. Besides being just a wholesale place, Costco also offers travel arrangements that range from Vacation Packages, Cruises, to Rental Cars and Hotels. One of my most favorite thing to use Costco Travel for is the Rental Cars. From my experience, the rental price tends to be cheaper than booking directly with rental cars company even with promotional codes and travel agent sites out there such as Priceline, Orbitz, etc. Best of all yet, you don't need any codes at all to take advantage of all the money savings. You just need to be a Costco member, which comes with an annual fee.

No Need Any Rental Car Codes With Costco Travel. They Do It All!
Here Are The Things To Know About Costco Travel For Rental Cars: 
  • Costco Travel only partners with the following rental cars: Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. 
  • There's no need for any Rental Car Promo Codes. Costco does all the search for you!
  • The primary driver must be a Costco member with a membership number to make the reservation. 
    • There's a chance that you may not be asked to prove the membership when picking up the car, but you still need Costco membership number to make reservation online. However, be prepared if a rental car agency place asks for membership verifications. I can tell you that from my personal experiences, I have not been asked, but that does not mean NEVER!
  • If you do NOT have Costco membership, and the person that is traveling with you has but doesn't want to drive, consider making him/her the primary driver, and then ask the rental place to add you as an authorized driver, so that you can drive the car too for liability regulations. Rental car companies typically charge for additional fees to add an authorized driver; however, as a Costco member, this fee is waived. 
  • As I mentioned above, you can add additional authorized driver for free! You don't need to do anything. This is an automatic process when the rental car company see your booking is with Costco. Simply ask the rental car place to add an authorized driver. 
  • When it comes to the car type, Costco always suggests Intermediate Cars. Sometimes you will see that the rental price is about the same with the Economy Cars, and sometimes there's not much differences in price. Therefore, it's completely up to your preferences. 
  • No Credit Card on file required, which means that you can cancel the reservation up until the rental date, even with no show!
  • You can book rental cars with Costco Travel here: Costco Travel Rental Cars

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