January 4, 2017

Review: Atlantis Submarine in Kona on the Big Island Hawaii

Some people think of doing the submarine is yet another tourist trap. To some, it is an item to be checked off the bucket list. Then there are people that just want to try out at least once to see how it is  to go below the ocean. For whatever reasons you may have, if you are interested in trying the submarine out, here's my review based on my experience with the Atlantis Submarine in Kona on the Big Island Hawaii.


Let me start out by saying that, the price to get in that submarine in Hawaii is not cheap. But again it's not cheap for them to run that business either so they have to do something to justify their business. It is above $110 per adult. You will get cheaper price if you book online. We were there during the holiday seasons, so they have additional $20 discount for certain hour.

The Submarine!


Currently, Atlantis Adventures operates the submarine only in Oahu's Waikiki, Maui, and Kona on the Big Island. We did the one in Kona. There's no parking for this tour, so if you are driving, you'll have to find a parking space. There's one free public parking in the area but it's a small one, so it might be a little bit of a challenge to find one available parking space. Your best option is to park in the nearby Courtyard resort's paid parking lot. The fee isn't too awful.


After you obtain the ticket and check in, you wait until your time to get on a boat that'll take you out to the submarine. The submarine looks very new and very well maintained. Inside the submarine is more spacious than I thought and it's very clean. There are several seats available with decent size peepholes for underwater viewing. This submarine can go down 104 feet deep.

Inside the Submarine - It's Spacious!
Submarine Goes Down 104 Feet Deep

Underwater Experience

There's a narrative provided by one of the crew members as the submarine journeys under the water. A lot of opportunities to see fish and corals. There are also shipwrecks with skeletons on them, but don't worry those skeletons are not real. The submerged journey takes around 45 minutes and you'd learn more about the ecosystems under the water as you go. It's quite an experience for sure that words can't really describe it.

Underwater Viewing Through the Peephole!
Fish and Shipwreck


If being inside a submarine going under the ocean is one of the things that you have been wanting to do, then this is for you. It's not cheap but being able to experience while you are already there is priceless. I can say that I'm glad that I did it!

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I took a video of that Submarine surfacing from 104 feet deep. Check it out below:

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