January 21, 2017

Flight Review: Lufthansa LH490 Business Class 747 Frankfurt to Seattle

Which Seat To Choose?
There are two decks on the Lufthansa flight LH490 for business class - the lower/main and upper decks. At the time, I flew solo. The seats configurations are 2-2, except for one single seat number 4D at the lower/main deck that is by itself (see image below). From my research at the time, this is a standard seat and I got mixed reviews from other flyers that they prefer upper deck as it has better privacy, smaller cabin, and more quiet. Decision, decision...
Lufthansa LH490 - Single Seat 4D

I went with my gut and picked the seat 4D. I was traveling by myself and did not feel like sitting next to other passengers. It can't be that bad as it's a business class seat. Let me tell you this, I did not regret at all with that seat and I am so pleased that I chose to sit in that throne.

The Only Single Seat On Lufthansa LH490 Business Class

Best Seat In The House
After boarding, I was directed by the flight attendant to my seat. Other passengers were looking at me like, oh that seat is taken by him! One of the stewards came up to greet me and said to me: "Best seat in the house!" I smiled in return. She added "No one climbs up on you both sides!" I replied "I know!" So that was a very good start! There were empty seats at the main deck. I could have changed to the 2 seats ones, but I had no desire too because I was in love with my "single seat in the house!"

Turns out, several passengers preferred upper deck. So the main deck had fewer passengers, which was great. I felt that the upper deck might be too cramped because everyone wanted upper deck!

The Low/Main Deck On Lufthansa LH490 Business Class

Before the flight took off, I was offered something to drink. I had Smirnoff vodka and coke. Then they handed out the menu.

Seat & Amenities
After the flight took off, I had the opportunity to check out my seat little bit more. This is a hard business class product with comfortable pillow, seat controls, blanket amenity, Bose headphone and of course decent size entertainment screen with spacious compartment underneath it. The seat lies flat which makes it very comfortable to lay down/sleep for the long flight. Here are some photos.

Best Seat In The House!

Lie Flat Seat
Service & Menu
The service of the steward was excellent! She appears to be an American because she had no accent at all. She was funny, yet professional and attentive to my needs. From the menu, I selected Marinated Beef Strips With Carrots and Almonds for appetizer. For my main course, I picked the Fresh Asparagus and Tenderloin of Veal. It's white asparagus and the Hollandaise sauce were the highlights of this dish. Here's the picture of the menu as I don't want to bore you with what sounded appetizing to me at the time but it does not sound good to you.

Main Course
The Lufthansa LH490 Business Class is one of my top favorite flights. If I were to fly solo again, I'd definitely still choose the seat 4D - the only single seat in Business Class on that flight LH490. I had so much fun in that lie flat seat and the amenities that come with Lufthansa's business class are really nice. The steward's service was super and the food was delicious.

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