January 20, 2017

Earn 500 Hilton Points By Listening To Hilton Grand Vacations Club Offer

Maximum Points: 500 Hilton Points
Expiration Date: Unknown
Requirement: Listen to Hilton Grand Vacations Club Offer
  • Call up Hilton membership and inquire about the offer. 

My Personal Experience With This Offer
Last week, I was on the phone with Hilton to inquire about my Diamond status being extended until 2018. After the call, the agent asked me politely if I want to hear about the Hilton Grand Vacations Club offer and in return I would receive 500 Hilton points by just listening to the offer. I contemplated for a moment. I thought it's yet another timeshare offer that happened to me with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). After my unpleasant experience with IHG's timeshare deal that I signed up for, I was scared to be sucked into another timeshare offer. However, I still went ahead and said OK! Worst case scenario, I received 500 Hilton points and my plan was to decline the offer.

My phone call got transferred to an agent at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club. After a few verifications, I got transferred to another agent at the Hilton Select department. I thought it was a mistake transfer as I was expecting to hear about timeshare offer not Hilton Select membership. Anyway, fast forward after all the sales pitch and pressures the agent placed on me, I politely declined the offer. The agent would not give up. She offered me to try that membership out with refundable membership fee if I decide to cancel. I resisted the temptation and said NO to the offer. The entire call took approximately 30 minutes.

What Happened To The 500 Points?
The story continues. I did not receive 500 Hilton points as promised. I am not quite sure what happened here. I don't know if because I declined the offer or the agent intentionally did not give me points because I did not sign up with her. Today I chat with a Hilton representative using their convenient chat feature and inquired about that 500 points. The agent could not give me an explanation as to why I did not receive the points from listening to the Hilton Grand Vacation Club offer. The offer is legit. He had to manually added those 500 Hilton points into my account.

Hilton Rep Added 500 Points Into My Account

Bottom Line
Do I think it was worth it? Absolutely not, given it is only 500 Hilton points. But for those are that are looking to top up their account or to prevent Hilton points from being expired, this is a free way to do so. If you don't receive the points like what happened to me, you can just chat with the Hilton representation to sort things out!

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