January 30, 2017

Cheap 6 Steps From Miami International Airport to Miami South Beach On Airport Express Bus

Getting to Miami Beach/South Beach from Miami International Airport with the most economical public bus transportation for $2.25 is easier than you think.

Here are the 6 steps to do that:

Step 1: After deplaning and picking up your bags if you have any, look for the Ground Transportation pink color board that has "MIA Mover To... Rental Car Center, etc." text on it. Then just follow the direction that the arrow sign points to.

Look For This Pink Board And Follow The Arrow Sign
Step 2: Take the "mover" transportation inside Miami airport and take the "Rental Car Center" stop. Although the stop name says Rental Car Center, the public Metrobus transportation is also there.

Step 3: Exit the mover and follow the sign to the public Metrobus.

Step 4: Ignore the ticket vending machine along with the turnstile entrance altogether. What you want  to do is to go downstair where the public bus stations are.

Step 5: Look for bus station for bus #150 Miami Beach Airport Express, and wait there until the bus arrives.

Bus #150 Miami Beach Airport Express
Step 6: Pay directly to the bus driver. The current bus fare one way is $2.25 - cash only and no changes will be given. Link to fare and schedule information.

Editor's Note: I found Metrobus in Miami is not sophisticated. There's no stop notification so it makes it hard to know where to stop at. If you have GPS on your phone, I recommend you use that. If not, when all fails just ask the driver where you want to go and he'll stop at the nearest bus station for you.

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