January 26, 2017

7 Steps To Get To Martha's Vineyard From Cape Cod Via Ferry

Martha's Vineyard is a very nice island to go check out. Getting there is very easy yet can be confusing if planning wasn't done ahead of time. In this article, I'll lay out 7 steps to walk you through how to get to Martha's Vineyard from Cape Cod.

Step 1: You need a car.

Step 2: Determine how far from your town in Cape Cod to Falmouth, MA using Google Map so that you can allow enough time for traveling, getting on the shuttle, and catching the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.

Step 3: Check the ferry schedule to see when the ferry leaves. There are two ship terminals in Martha's Vineyard: Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs. I prefer Oak Bluffs.
Ferry Schedule & Fare links can be found below this post.

Step 4: The ferry is operated by the Steamship Authority. The ferry leaves from the Woods Hole Terminal, but do NOT drive straight to there as there are no parking available. Steamship Authority has a few parking lots available in Falmouth, MA. When driving on the free way, you might see the flashing sign telling you to take an exit to one of the parking lots, but don't follow it. Instead, drive to the Palmer Avenue lot. It's the closest to the Woods Hole Terminal. Put this parking lot's address in the GPS: 286 Palmer Avenue Falmouth, MA

Step 5: Upon arrival at the parking lot and park your car, note the lot number or sign so that you remember where you park your car as it's a huge parking lot. Walk over to the bus stop or walk towards the complimentary Island Ferry Shuttle provided by Steamship Authority to take visitors to the Woods Hole Terminal.

There's No Parking At The Woods Hole Terminal!
Free Island Ferry Shuttle From Parking Lot To Woods Hole Terminal!

Step 6: When the shuttle drops you off at the terminal, s/he should let you know where to wait for the shuttle when you return to Cape Cod to go back to your parking lot. If not, once you step out of the shuttle, you should see the bus lane numbers indicating which lane number goes to which parking lot. Lane number 1 is for the Palmer Avenue parking lot.

Step 7: Purchase your ferry ticket and enjoy your day on Martha's Vineyard island.

Ferry Schedule Link
Ferry Fare Information Link

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