December 30, 2016

New York City Planning Part 2: Crown of the Statue of Liberty

New York's Iconic Statue of Liberty Monument
Yesterday I wrote about my New York City Planning to see the Book of Mormon at the Broadway Theatre in New York City. While checking on my list of things to do that I have not done in New York City, there's one more thing at the Statue of Liberty that I have not done - Go up to the Crown!

Any first timers to New York City should pay a visit to the Statue of Liberty. But did you know you can go inside the Liberty's Pedestal (the piece what the Liberty stands on) and her Crown?

I took my mom to the Pedestal before because I could not get the Crown ticket. The Crown tickets can be sold out months in advanced, especially during the tourist seasons. This time, we'll be visiting at the end of February, so scoring the crown tickets wasn't too difficult.

Pedestal ticket costs $18/adult, same as the regular reserved ticket without the Pedestal access, but for only $4 more, you have access to both the Pedestal and the Crown. All tickets include the roundtrip ferry ride to the Liberty and the Ellis Islands. So getting the Crown ticket is a no brainer. For more pricing information, please refer to the Statue Cruise website.

You Can Checkout the Museum Inside the Liberty Monument
With Pedestal or Crown Tickets

Here are top 3 things to consider if you want to go up to the Liberty's Crown:

Plan Months In Advanced

According to the Statue Cruise, "tickets to the crown sell out months in advance. We recommend purchasing your tickets to the crown 3 to 4 months in advance." This is very true.

Fit Test

There are 393 steps to the Crown with limited elevator access. 162 of those steps are narrow and tight from the top of the pedestal to the crown, no elevator. So you need to make sure you can do this without any assistance.

Crown Ticket Time

You select the time that you want to reserve for the crown access. The time that you pick is not the time that you will go get the ticket and onto the crown. Remember, getting to the Liberty ground requires ferry ride, queues, and security screening. Email delivery ticket is also not possible, you have to show up with proof of ID to get the reserved ticket at the ticket booth.

I contacted the Statue Cruise to clarify the time that I picked at 1pm, and here's their response:
"Please plan to arrive 1 hour prior to 1:00pm to pick up your tickets from the ticket booth. You will then proceed to the security line before boarding the ferry. Once you are on the island, the tour is self paced and self guided. You may enter the monument to tour the crown once you get to the island."

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