December 29, 2016

New York City Planning Part 1: Broadway Show Tickets

We Are Going to See the Book of Mormon in New York City!
I have been to New York City twice now, but I have never been to the Broadway Show there yet. We are heading to New York at the end of February to fly out from there to Asia via Singapore Airlines Double Beds First Class. That Airbus 380 currently only operates out from New York JFK airport in the US. Anyway, this is a great time for me to go see a broadway show. Being the first timer to the show, especially in NYC, I was clueless how and where to get the tickets.

From my research, here are ways to get discounted tickets:

Online Discounted Websites:

My first intuition is to purchase the tickets online. If the show that is popular like Hamilton, The Book of Mormon, etc. chances are you won't be able to find any discounts for that. But if you just want to see a broadway show in New York, then check out BroadwayBox and TheaterMania websites. These two sites have discounted codes that you can use but subject to availability. You won't be able to get discounted codes for the popular shows though, but instead they redirect you to the official broadway ticket selling site: TicketMaster. Make sure to plan and purchase in advanced unless you are visiting NYC during the off-peak, which is typically in the winter time.

TKTS Booths

This option is like a gamble. It really depends on how much you really want to see the broadway show. In return, you will get substantial discounts on the tickets. The TKTS booths are operated by the Theatre Development Fund. On any given day, the show producer decides how many show tickets to send to the TKTS booths. This type of ticket allocation method therefore can run out quickly and it is first comes first served. So if seeing a broadway show and especially a particular show is a deal breaker to you, then this option does not make sense. For me, staying in queues especially in the winter to get tickets that I don't even know if it'll be available or not by the time I am at the booth is not worth my time. For more information on TKTS Booths, you can check out their website at

American Express 

You see that right. American Express is a credit card issuing company, what does it have to do anything with the broadway shows? American Express is a proud sponsor to certain broadway shows. From time to time, they pre-purchase amounts of tickets and allow their platinum card members access to those tickets at a very nice discounted price. Recently, they bought tickets for the Hamilton in Chicago and sold the ticket around $80/seat to their card members.

Being an American Express Business Platinum Credit Card holder myself, I phoned up the 24/7 concierge service (one of the benefits that come with that card) to see if I can get any deals on the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, there's no discounts for that show. But the agent was so helpful and patient with my questions to help me search for availability and seats selection. She's a basically my concierge helping me booked the broadway show tickets so that I don't have to do all the work, without any service fees. I ended up getting the tickets for the Book of Mormon $129 a piece for a Friday night show. The price seems alright, but we really wanted to check out that show in New York City. So we decided to do it! That's right, we are going to New York to see the Book of Mormon. I can't wait to have my first experience at the broadway theatre in New York City. Our seats are on the Mezzanine level and you can check out seats configurations on Ticketmaster.

It is worth mentioning too that, if you have credit card that earns you American Express Membership Rewards Points:
  • You can redeem the points for the broadway tickets, but the rate is not so great. For example, 10,000 points = $50. If you want to go with this method, you will have to book with Ticket Master. During check out, you will have the option to use Amex points to pay for the tickets.
  • Another better option is to redeem your points as a credit back to your purchases. For 10,000 points = $100. This appears to be better. All you have do is make the purchase, then call the rewards membership number and tell them you want to use the points to apply as credit to a particular purchase. 
Keep in mind, the best way to redeem Amex points is to transfer them to airline miles/travel. You will get more values out of that redemption. However, paying cash out of pocket is not for everyone, and everyone's situation is completely different.

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