May 9, 2016

Steps To Put Singapore Airlines Award Ticket On Hold

I researched many websites and they all appear to state that, holding Singapore Airlines Award Ticket is NOT allowed. However, my recent experience says otherwise.

What Does Holding Award Ticket Mean?

Holding Award Ticket means that you are placing a flight reservation using miles on hold while you are either trying to finalize your traveling dates or trying to accrue enough miles to book the flight ticket that you want. The gist of is it: hold now and deal with it later for free of charge! Singapore Airlines let me hold my award ticket for 5 days, and the last day goes with the originated flight location's timezone.

Flight availabilities change from time to time and it's really unpredictable. It is the same for the award tickets redemption, especially for the famous premium cabin such as the Singapore Airlines First Class Suite. Once the availability is found, you really want to jump on it right away as it could go away quickly. That's why putting the award ticket on hold can be really useful.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles are great for International long haul flights, specially their famous First Class Suite that two seats can turn into one double bed. Thankfully, Singapore Airlines make it so possible that you can transfer points earned from certain Chase, American Express, and Citi's credit cards to KrisFlyer miles at 1:1 ratio. That's what happened to me that I wanted to redeem miles for the First Class Suite from LAX - Singapore - Hanoi, but I did not have enough miles. So I had to request the award reservation to put on hold, while I went to transfer credit card points to KrisFlyer miles.

How To Put Singapore Airlines Award Ticket On Hold?

To put Singapore Airlines Award Ticket on hold successfully completely depends on what type of booking agent you are talking to. I had my yes-go and no-go experiences on two different occasions. One agent was able to hold the award ticket for me, but I did not like that itinerary. So I called again and thought that I could hold the new award ticket. Well, I provided that second agent all the information just to find out at the end that I could not hold my award ticket. I said but the previous agent did that for me, she still insisted that they are no longer allowed to do that. What a waste of time! Therefore, I am writing these steps down and hopefully it will save you, my blog reader, some time. 
  1. After searching flight's availability online, note down the information. 
  2. You must call in. Singapore Airlines number for US is 1-800-742-3333. Follow the steps on the call to get to KrisFlyer booking agent. 
  3. Be straight forward and ask the agent, something like "I do not have enough miles to redeem a flight ticket, and I need to transfer my points to KrisFlyer account first. Do you know if it's possible to put an award ticket on hold while there's available seat on that flight?"
  4. If the agent starts out by saying no, you cannot. Thank him/her and hang up. Repeat step 1-2 again. If the agent start out by saying something that it is possible depending on if you are flying with Singapore Airlines or partner airlines, then you are in luck. Or if the agent says yes you can, then you are in much better luck. Try to understand what the agent is saying to see if the agent can do it or not. 
  5. Continue your conversation with the agent by feeding that agent your flight information. 
  6. Verify the miles required and taxes. Remember, as a KrisFlyer member, you save 15% off the total miles required for an award ticket. Some agents don't know or forget about that, kindly remind them. 
  7. If needed, you can also ask the agent to select seat for you as well. 
  8. After the award ticket is placed on hold, a booking reference number should be created and can be viewed in your account. Or you can ask the agent to email you the itinerary so that you can confirm if needed. 
  9. You can view the booking in your account, it'll state that it's NOT ticketed yet and that's expected. Nowhere in the booking says anything about it being a miles redemption booking, but don't worry. 
  10. Your award ticket should be placed on hold for 5 days. Do what you have to do to transfer points to KrisFlyer miles or finalize your decisions. Singapore Airlines will also email you a reminder email the next day that you have until certain day to finalize that booking.
    1. Please be reminded that your confirmed flights on SQxxxx (booking reference xxxxx) must be ticketed by 10 May 2016, 0700 hours (GMT+8), or these confirmed flight will be automatically cancelled.
  11. Once enough KrisFlyer miles are accrued in your account, call the above same number again. Give the agent the booking reference number, and ask him/her to finalize that booking with you.
  12. The agent will confirm the miles required and taxes. If they all appear correct to you, you are all done after providing your credit card information. 

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