May 29, 2016

Oslo Itinerary: Bus And Ferry To Bygdoy Museums And Peninsula

Visit the Famous Oslo Viking Ship Museum On Bygdoy Island


A visit to the Bygdoy Peninsula and check out the museums there is a must do while in Oslo Norway. Planning ahead will make your trip to the island enjoyable and know what to expect when you get there. A lot of visitors intuitively catch the ferry boat in front of the Oslo City Hall and sail to Bygdoy. For me, I prefer my own way of doing this by catching the bus #30 to Bygdoy from the city central, and then ferry back from there to the City Hall. The reason behind that is because if you go to Bygdoy by the boat, from the Fram Museum you will need to walk up hill to the Viking Ship Museum about 15 minutes walk. You can ride the bus on Bygdoy, but why wasting time on waiting for the bus while you can enjoy a nice walking on the island by doing what I am suggesting here. You will get to enjoy both the bus and ferry rides to and from Bygdoy.

Oslo Pass

First of all, if you are not familiar with the Oslo Pass, you should get yourself familiar with it. It'll save you several money if you plan on visiting a lot of museums and attractions in Oslo. Each museum entrance fee can really add up, whereas the Oslo Pass will give you access to several museums for free after the pass is purchased. It also includes free access to the public transportation based upon the duration of your pass. Oslo Pass comes in 24, 48, and 72 hours. The regular Oslo travel card pass that's for public transportation only does not cover the Bygdoy ferry. So if you want to experience the boat ride from Bygdoy to central, and you plan on visiting a few museums in Oslo, getting the Oslo Pass is highly recommended. For more information about the Oslo Pass and Prices.

Free Bygdoy Museums Ferry Boat Ride With Olso Pass

Bygdoy Planning

The Olso Pass includes free public transportation during the validity of the pass whether it's 24, 48, or 72 hours. Here's my suggested itinerary to and from Bygdoy:
  • I assume you stay around the Oslo central. From there, locate the bus stop for bus #30 that will go all the way to Bygdoy. If you are GPS junkie like me, use Google Map app to locate the nearest bus stop. 
  • Stay on board until you reach the Folk Museum. Oslo buses are very nice and they have notification screen that tells you which bus stop it is arriving/stopping. 
  • Go in to the museum and go to the ticket counter so that you can hand over your Oslo Pass to scan and exchange for an entrance ticket to the museum. 
  • After the Folk museum, you can walk to the famous Viking Ship Museum. It's one way straight, and don't worry, there are signs there. 
  • Later on, you continue walking around 15 minutes or so towards the Fram Museum's direction. You will notice that you are walking down the hill. This is what I mentioned above that you don't want to walk from Fram to Viking Ship Museum because you will be going up the hill. You can also check out other places or centers while on the way to Fram. It's completely up to you and that's definitely one of the benefits of walking. 
  • The Kon Tiki, Maritime, and Fram Museums are in one area. You will also be by the waterfront with incredible view of the Bygdoy Peninsula. The ferry boat's pier is right behind the Fram Museum. There'll be ferry schedule sign post there.
  • The yellow ferry boat will arrive and you simply hop on board. They will scan your Oslo Pass after the journey has started. Oslo Pass gives you free ride on that ferry. Enjoy the view from the ferry back to Oslo central in front of the City Hall. I personally really enjoyed the view of the Akershus Castle and Fortress from the ferry boat. 
  • From there you can either visit the Nobel Peace Center or the Akershus Castle, which the entrance fees are included in the Oslo Pass. OR catch public transportation to see other attractions that are included in the Oslo Pass such as the Vigeland Park & Museum, The Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower... They are all worth a visit! 
Fram Ship Museum

Unique Architecture of Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower
Most Photographed Statue In Vigeland Park

In Summary

  • Oslo Pass will save you money allowing you to visit majority of Oslo museums and attractions, as well as free public transportation that also includes the Bygdoy ferry boat. 
  • Catching bus #30 from Oslo Central to Bygdoy, so that you will be walking down hill to the Fram Museum from the Viking Ship Museum, and then catch the ferry boat back from there to the Oslo City Hall. 
  • You get to enjoy and experience both the bus and ferry rides to and from Bygdoy in Olso. 
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