May 1, 2016

How to Save On Hotel's Bookings With Orbitz

Regardless how frustrating my experience was with Orbitz's customer service, this travel site is still my "to go to" site to use for hotel's booking when I cannot use hotel's points to redeem for free night stays. The main reason is because of their regular 15% Off Promo Code. Today, I'm going to talk about that promo code, and show you how to take advantage of their regular promotion to book your hotel as well. But first, let's talk about Orbitz's Rewards Program called Orbucks!

What Is Orbucks?

Orbucks is the name of Orbitz's Rewards Program. It is one of my favorite loyalty programs because of its instant benefits. What this means is that you earn Orbucks for hotels, flights, and vacation packages booking with Orbitz. Once you pay for your booking, the Orbucks will be credited to your account instantly and it's available for you to redeem for any hotel's booking right away. The same thing applies when you were to cancel your booking, Orbucks will be deducted right away from your account. Everything is so instantaneous. You don't have to wait for anything like most of other rewards programs out there.

You earn 5% back on eligible bookings through Orbitz mobile app, and 3% back on computer's desktop. Sometimes they do have promotions going on that the earning rate can be doubled or increased.
1 Orbucks = $1 USD when redeeming.

In order to start earning Orbucks, you must sign up for Orbitz Rewards Program. It's free to join and you can find more information about Orbitz Rewards Program and signup link here.

15% OFF Orbitz Promotional Code

Orbitz regularly has promotional code that you can use when making hotel's booking on their site. They always have the promotional code 15% OFF of the total room rate's before tax. This promo code is the only promotion that makes me keep using Orbitz. Currently, they have the following promo code: 

Save 15% On Select Hotel Stays
Promo code: TRAVELMORE
Minimum stay: none
Book by May 1, 2016, travel by September 30, 2016

Don't worry about the deadline of this promo code. Orbitz always has another 15% promo code available before the current one is expired. If you are subscribed to their mailing list, they will send you that promo code on a regular basis. The only downside is, this 15% off promo code applies to select hotel stays and at "specific destination." 

From my experience, those select hotels are typically the ones that have their own rewards programs such as IHG, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, SPG, etc. you don't want to book those hotel stays with Orbitz anyway as you are not able to collect those valuable hotels points from stays. Moreover, the code only works at specific destination. To give you an example, the code does not work for hotels in Hong Kong, but it works for hotels in New Zealand. From my experience, the code works for hotels in most places, you just need to try out and see. Worst case is, Orbitz has another 5% promo code that works on select hotels worldwide. Check out this link to see more Orbitz Promotion & Promo Codes.

How To Use The 15% Promo Code On Orbitz

Orbitz recently has changed the look of their desktop's website. I personally like the previous version better because I can put the promo code as when I am putting for hotel's destination and dates, then click search. The new website does not function that way. You will have to search for hotels first, then at check out or payment page, that's when you put in the promo code. Somehow this is not very user-firendly to me because 1) what if I forget about inputing the promo code, and 2) since the code does not work for every hotel and everywhere in the world, what if I get to the final page just to realize that the code does not work for that specific hotel. If you do know a way to get to the old version website, please let me know. It's worth noting that Orbitz Mobile App still works in a way that you put in the promo code while searching for the hotels. 

Steps to Use the 15% Off Promo Code On Orbitz
1. Go to
2. Join the Orbitz Rewards Program, if you have not, so that you can start earning Orbucks! Here is the Link. 
3. Log into your account. 
4. Select Hotels tab, and make sure Hotels only is selected. 
5. Input your destination, check in and out date, how many rooms, how many adults and children. 
6. Click Search
7. Select your desired hotel, and click Book next to your desired room type and conditions. 
8. If there's a popup asking whether you want to pay online now or pay later, choose pay online now in order to use the promo code. 
9. Now that you are on the payment page. Scroll down until you see Payment section. Underneath it, select Enter a coupon code, and input the 15% promo code there. Click Apply Coupon. Your total bill should be updated. If under Payment section, there's no options to enter a coupon code, that means the hotel does not allow applying the Orbitz promo code. Simply find a new hotel. 

You should see the Payment Section like this to Enter the 15% Promo Code

Making Orbitz 15% OFF Promo Code Even Sweeter

In addition to earning Orbucks, if you don't know yet, there are cash back portal sites out there that give you certain percentage cash back of your eligible purchases with Orbitz. So you are saving even more than just using the Orbitz promo code. For more information about cash back earning sites, check out my full article on it here.


In summary, while booking with Orbitz, you are able to save based on three things that I mentioned and make sure you follow them through:
1. You will earn instant Orbucks that you can use for your next hotel's booking on Orbitz right away.
2. You can apply the regular Orbitz's 15% off promo code on most hotels and destinations to bring down your total costs.
3. You use cash back portal site to go to Orbitz to make your booking and earn cash back on your booking.

The only thing that you need to pay attention is that, just because Orbitz has 15% off promo code, it doesn't mean it's a squeaky deal. Sometimes, the room rate you find on Orbitz can be a little bit more expensive than its competitors, making that 15% promo code not save you anything. That's when the Orbitz's Best Price Guaranteed comes in handy. If it's approved, you even save more, but it requires a little bit of research effort. I'll focus on that in another article. 

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