May 2, 2016

Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor

Beautiful Waterfront Hyatt Boston Harbor - Taken From Our Room!

Intro & Airport Shuttle 

As the name suggests, this Hyatt is a waterfront hotel locates right on the Harbor of East Boston. The hotel provides complimentary airport shuttle to and from the hotel. We were driving from Cap Cod and dropped the rental car at Boston Logan airport. I called the hotel and see if they could pick us up from the rental car place, and they did so that saved us time from trying to catch airport shuttle from rental car place to the airport.

Incredible view from the Room like a Painting!

Check-In & Room Upgrade

We were greeted by a nice gentleman at the reception desk. He informed me that my room was ready and that they upgraded us to a "view" room. I booked this hotel standard room with no view, but I left a note to them couple days before my arrival that if there's a skylines view room available upon my arrival, I'd appreciate if they could upgrade us for free. I figured it's not going to be a busy day, so it's worth a shot to request that. Worst case, I'm stuck with the room on my reservation. So when he told me that upgrade, I got way excited. I enjoy skylines view very much but I also had to watch my budgets. Kudos to Hyatt for valuing customers!

Comfortable Bed
The room was incredible. The boutique style of the room was really cute yet modern. What I loved most of course was the view of the harbor and Boston skyscrapers from the room. They were amazing! 

Water Taxi by the Hotel to Downtown Boston

Convenient Water Taxi By Hyatt

After relaxing and enjoying the room and view, to our surprise there's a water taxi right by the hotel to catch into downtown Boston. It's a little bit pricey but we didn't want to deal with all the hassles of taxi and traffics in Boston. It was so fun riding the water taxi and we got to enjoy more of the harbor view and the Hyatt view from the boat, especially the city skylines. The water taxi sign was a little bit difficult to understand, but we took it back to the hotel during the sunset. It was yet another incredible view of everything surrounds the harbor when the skylines all lighten up.

Beautiful Skylines Light Up At Night!

Waterfront Dinning

The hotel also has waterfront dinning restaurant onsite which guests can orders drinks and menus. At night, we went to have some drinks there and I got to enjoy working remotely from there while the view in front of me was insanely beautiful!

Waterfront Dinning Outside Seating
This is what Work Should Be Like ...

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