May 4, 2016

Flight Review: ANA NH8 Business Class 777 Tokyo Narita (NRT) to San Francisco (SFO)

ANA Lounge at Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)

I walked up the escalator to the lounge. Was greeted and went right into the lounge. The food section was good from sushi to stir fry noodle. They also have salad, fruits, and drinks like other lounges.

They also have a cook there to take people's order for noodle soup and curry rice. The lounge area itself is huge and pretty nice quiet. There's another part of the lounge with more seats but the food is pretty much the same. 

ANA NH8 Business Class 777 Tokyo Narita (NRT) to San Francisco (SFO)

Boarding first the special need passengers, then First Class and then my Business Class.

My first impression of the ANA's cubical seating was wow! So much space and wide seat. There are lots of compartment to store stuff with a big TV screen. I was way excited! The flight attendant was very nice and they learned passengers' last name. The seat itself is super nice with many things that come along with it such as the slipper, a bag that consists of toothbrush, lotion, eye mask and ear plugs, a pad for the flat bed, a comforter that you can put feet in (I thought that pocket was for head lol), and a pillow. There's a usb charger and an iPod plugin. The seat configuration is 1-2-1. Mine is 1 seat so it was super duper nice and has a very good privacy (selfie as much as I wanted to lol).

There are so many choices of both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. I ordered screwdriver and plum wine with soda water. The plum wine was very good. I got a buzz before I knew it! The snack that went along with the drink was delicious too. It was some sort of raw fish, feta cheese and more. Japanese apparently loves raw meat.

Later the appetizer was served with raw fish and beef and some other things like a salad, again it was delicious!

Then the meal was served. I had international cuisine of cooked fish in some type of ginger sauce (please see the menu). It was very good!

By the time the dessert was served, I was full already! I had grapefruit pudding, it wasn't my favorite.

Afterwards, I got the flat bed ready and snoozed away!

About two hours before reaching the destination, they started serving light dishes or breakfast between Japanese and international cuisines. I chose Japanese and it was good.

That's concluded my business class trip on ANA flight.

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