April 11, 2016

Resort Review: Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island

Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island
The Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island in Thailand made our trip there a paradise one. This beachfront resort provides so much tranquility and relaxation for our first time "beach and island bum" vacation on that island. We appreciated very much that Holiday Inn gave us a complimentary room upgrade. To make the story short so that we can jump right into my review about this resort. I booked this resort far in advanced using IHG points to redeem free night stays there. For 35,000 points got us only a Garden Bungalow room. I made a note request during booking for a complimentary beachfront room's upgrade. It never hurts to ask! To my surprise, on the check-in day, they informed us that they upgraded us to the Coral Beach room, which is a deluxe beachfront room. That room made all the differences in our successful and memorable Phi Phi Island's trip.

In this review, I'll focus on some key elements about this resort such as: Price & Room, Location, Transportation, and Dinning. I don't think you need to know about the beach as the beach there is pristine white sandy beach along with beautiful crystal green colored ocean.

Pristine White Sandy Beach On Phi Phi Island

Price & Room

The Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island's room rate is not too awful. You are looking for at least $120 (before tax and other fees) per night for the Garden Bungalow and extra for the beachfront rooms during off peak seasons. Price can definitely add up after all the tax and other resort/service fees, and depends on how many nights you will be staying and tourist seasons. If you can afford it, go for the beachfront rooms as they are very nice and your money will be well spent. The Coral Beach room that we were staying at was amazing. Besides all the usual hotel's amenities, the room has its own private deck overlooking the ocean and the beach is right there steps away from the deck. Best of all, an outdoor shower in addition to an indoor shower.

Our Coral Beach Room
Beachfront With Private Deck
The Outdoor Shower
On the other hand, if you are on budget, the Garden room will still make your stay a pleasant one on the island, and if you have been collecting IHG points, you can redeem the Garden room for 35,000 points and ask the resort for a complimentary beachfront room's upgrade if available.

There are many rooms at the resort. It's a huge place. They even have golf carts that goes around the resort and guests can hop on and off to their destinations within the resort. These golf carts came in handy for us when we checked out to get our bags picked up as our room was little bit farther from the lobby room.


The location of the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island is fantastic. Not so much about getting there, but once you get to the resort, it's right on the beach. Any beach lovers will definitely love the location of this resort.


Getting to the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island takes a little bit of time and effort. Depending on which town you will be staying before going to Phi Phi, first you have to catch the ferry, preferably operated by Andaman Wave Master Company as it's the company that will take you to the closest pier to the Holiday Inn resort. You don't have to go with this company if the price is not right for you, but do check with the resort and the other ferry's company about how to get to the resort. Travel time is approximately 3 hours. Then the resort's staff will pick up you and all your luggages from the ferry to the resort area by a longtail boat free of charge.

We were staying in Phuket town and Andaman Wave Master Company provided free shuttle from there to the pier where we got on the ferry to Phi Phi. The Holiday Inn staff were already at the pier to check us in before boarding the ferry. We splurged ourselves in First Class as the price wasn't so much different compared to the Economy Class. The ferry ride was nice and we got to enjoy the scenery of the Andaman Sea. The 3 hours spent on the ferry went by quick. Upon arrival at the closest pier to the resort, some passengers were picked up by the longtail boats and some including us were picked up by "sort of engine run cart". It was cool! On the departure day, we were picked up by the longtail boat to board the ferry back to the mainland.

We Were Picked Up from the Ferry and Arrived at the Resort Via This Transportation
Longtail boats are quite common on Phi Phi to travel and take day trips to nearby islands.


Besides The Holiday Inn resort there, I believe there are a couple more resorts that are nearby, but they are not affiliated with Holiday Inn. You have the options to either dine at the Holiday Inn or those as you like because the resort is not all inclusive. I personally find the restaurant at Holiday Inn is alright. All bills include a 10% service charge. It seems to be pretty common in Thailand. The resort also has the sunset bar that's located on the top of the hill, but there were too many mosquitoes up there in the evening when we were there, so we didn't stay too long. There's also another oceanfront bar where we hung out and had a few drinks. They had singer entertainment at night over there. There are a couple more restaurants there, but we didn't try all.

The Oceanfront Bar for Drinks and Hanging Out!
If you are into walking, there's a village on Phi Phi that you can walk to and there are some restaurants and bars there. The area seems to be more for backpacker travelers, hence the price is more economical. It's a little bit of walking from the Holiday Inn. Facing the ocean from Holiday Inn, you want to turn right and there's a walking path with a map along the way to that village. It's more of an inland and therefore beach access is not convenient. However, a half day or one day trip to check out the area and have some food and drinks there are recommended.

The Village - Walks Away from Holiday Inn Resort


Overall we enjoyed our stay at the Holiday Inn resort. The location of the resort is excellent though it requires time and effort to get there, but the beachfront location makes it worthwhile. Our beachfront room was super nice with outdoor shower, private deck, and stone's throw away from the white sandy beach and ocean. Food there is mediocre and the price is a little bit on the expensive side plus the 10% service charge.

Our Room's Private Deck - Stone's Throw Away from the Beach and Ocean

How To Get IHG Points For Free Night Stay At Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island

If you want to give the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island a try, remember you can redeem 35,000 points per night there for a free night stay. You can also do points + cash options, meaning you use some points plus paying some cash out of your pocket for a few free night stays so that you can spend longer time on the island. The easiest way to rack up some IHG points is to check out the Best Credit Cards Offers for several IHG bonus points through the IHG credit card's sign up.

Redeem 35,000 IHG Points for 1 Free Night OR Redeem Some Points + Cash

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