April 23, 2016

Options From New Orleans Airport To French Quarter

Here are a few options to go from the New Orleans airport (MSY) to the famous French Quarter. 

By Taxi Vs. Airport Shuttle

There seems to be a debate on these two options whether the taxi is better than the airport shuttle or not. After exiting the airport onto the ground transportation area, you will see both the airport shuttle and the Taxi signs. I want to compare these two options based on two things:

Cost: These both options cost money, airport shuttle charges per person whereas the taxi charges per trip. If you travel solo, the shuttle will be the way to go. If you travel in group, taking taxi will make more sense, but consider the timing below. 

Time: This is the one that you need to consider. Taking shuttle, you will have to wait for your turn reaching your destination in French Quarter's hotel. However, that doesn't mean taking shuttle takes longer than taxi. If you arrive at the busy time at the airport, the queue to get on the taxi is ridiculously long. When we were there in the evening around 5pm Friday, we waited in line for at least 1 hour to get on a taxi. If we were to take the shuttle, we would have gotten to our hotel Crowne Plaza in French Quarter sooner. 

Long Queue To Get On Taxi While We Were There
Taxi's $36 Flat Fee Before Tips From New Orleans Airport To French Quarter
So for these two options, if there are just two of you in the party and the line for the taxi is super long, I'd go with the airport shuttle. The price for two adults will come out around the cost of the taxi. The taxi driver told us that they charged a flat fee for $36 before tips. You can either pay with cash or credit card. If the line to get taxi is not long, definitely go for the taxi. You will get to your destination much faster than the airport shuttle. The drive time is around 30 minutes. 


New Orleans recently just allowed Uber to pick people up from the airport. After you exit the airport onto the ground transportation area, you will need to cross the street to the middle section where you will request and wait for your Uber ride. I would prefer this option above the two above; however the time you arrive at the airport is very important as well. If it's a busy time, you will have a hard time getting any uber rides. Instead of keep trying to request the Uber ride, consider the taxi or the airport shuttle. Give it a try first though upon your arrival to see if any Uber drivers around and are ready to pick you up. You can sign up for Uber using my referral link and get $20 ride credit for your first ride. Uber costs about $33 from the airport to French Quarter. Link to sign up for Uber. However, please note that, sign up only when you know your trip is coming up soon as the credit is expired after a few months.

Public Transportation

Honestly, I wish New Orleans public transportation can be a little bit more efficient considering how busy this airport can get when there's a festival or Mardi Gras there. The time we were there was just on the weekend, nothing special and the line to get taxi was still really long. The public transportation does exist, but requires one additional transfer to reach French Quarter. See google map screenshot below. It takes longer time to get to French quarter, but very economical. For more information on this, click here

Public Bus Transportation from New Orleans Airport To French Quarter

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