April 25, 2016

My Recent Frustrating Experience With Orbitz Customer Service

Orbitz customer service is my worst enemy. I avoid calling them as much as I can. I hate calling them to try to resolve anything. Yesterday I had to call in to inquire them about an email that I received from the Best Price Guaranteed team. I wasn't sure what items they were talking about in the email. My call got routed to this agent, she sounded too professional and everything she said seems to be scripted. I repeated myself several times what I was asking about, but she just kept reading things from her computer about Best Price Guaranteed program, in which I knew about and had nothing to do with my question. I hate when an agent is talking in a circle because s/he doesn't know the answer to the question. So I asked for the supervisor and she said that, the wait would be about 2 hours!!! I politely said okay, let me try to explain to you again what I'm trying to do here. By now, she sounded irritated because I asked for her supervisor earlier, and she had no more desire to listen to me. It was so frustrating that I gave up and screamed on the phone "your customer service is awful awful!" and hung up! I was driving at the time and by the time I got home, I logged on to my computer and shared my experience with Orbitz via email. This is what I said:

I called in this afternoon around 3:30pm and was routed to a very rude customer service agent. I just want to let you know that because I feel like I was being treated with no respect as a Platinum member of Orbitz. I am very very disappointed that you have such an agent employed there.

Over the year, I booked several travels with them both flights and hotels, hence the Platinum stauts. I was very mad that once again their customer service sucks!! I typed up that complain to them mainly to vent my anger and an FYI for Orbitz. They replied cordially and offered me a $25 coupon to use for next hotel's booking. Honestly, I wasn't after any compensations, I was just so mad at that agent that I needed to tell Orbitz how I felt, especially when I have been nothing but their loyal customer for several years. The thing that I can't stay away from Orbitz is that they always have the 15% off most hotel deals and their Orbucks are convenient for me to earn and redeem.

End of rants!

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