April 29, 2016

How To Take Taxi From Hong Kong Airport

Taxi is not my favorite when it comes to means of transportation. You never know how much the taxi driver can easily rip you off and it's also not as cost effective as when it comes to travel savings. With that being said, I only go for the taxi when it lacks of public transportations and when I travel in group.

I took my parents and my little sister to Hong Kong this year. So there are 4 of us in the group and we arrived at night in Hong Kong. Granted, the public transportation in Hong Kong is amazing. They do have the Airport Express train from the Hong Kong airport to the city. That left me wondering whether taking the Airport Express is better cost effective than taking the taxi or not.

Airport Express does have group fare. See the chart below:
Airport Express Group Fare
So for one way from Airport to Kowloon, which is where our hotel is located at, it costs $250 HKD for a group of 4. Taxi costs us $250 HKD plus $5 HKD for each luggage in the trunk. Clearly, the taxi method is more; however, it comes down to which one is more worthwhile. Based on my personal situation, here are the reasons why I decided to take taxi:

1. I have elderly parents traveling with me. I need to minimize travel time as much as possible to not exhaust my parents.
2. We arrive at 10:25pm at night.
3. Taking Airport Express will take us to the station in the city that's only designated for the airport, in my case it's Kowloon Station; however, upon arrival at the Kowloon Station, I would need to figure out how to get to the hotel from there.
4. The group fare for the Airport Express is a little bit cheaper than the taxi fare. So from airport to the hotel's door, it makes sense to take taxi for convenience.

We decided to do the same from the hotel back to the airport on our departure date, but we did get ripped off a little bit more money by that taxi driver. That proved me right why I dislike taxi; however, will I choose taxi again if I were to travel in group, definitely!

The Process Taking Taxi From Hong Kong Airport 

  1. Follow the sign for taxi at the airport. 
  2. There will be another sign stating which destination/HK territory. If you are not sure which territory that your hotel is in, there is a taxi front desk that you can ask. 
  3. Follow that sign and line up to get on the taxi. Hong Kong taxi only allows maximum of 4 people in one vehicle. 
  4. There is an agent at the front of the line, asking you where to go and guiding you to a designated lane's number to get on your taxi. 
  5. Tell the taxi driver again where you are going. Remember, it costs $5 HKD per luggage in the trunk. 
  6. The taxi is safe and all metered. Enjoy the ride to your destination. 

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