April 24, 2016

Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Astor French Quarter New Orleans

Crowne Plaza Astor French Quarter New Orleans
I recently visited New Orleans and stayed at the Crowne Plaza Astor French Quarter. In this review, I'll be focusing on Location, Price, IHG Membership, Room & Bed.

The location of this hotel is excellent. It's located on the Canal Street and the bustles Bourbon Street is right on the corner. There are two regular exit doors for guests, one is the main entrance, and the other one is through the hotel's restaurant where you exit and will be right on the Bourbon Street. I really love the location of this hotel because it's very close to major attractions such as the French Quarter, Jackson Square, Riverfront, French Market, Streetcars, Steamboat Cruise, Bourbon Street.... all within walking distance. It is far away enough from the Bourbon Street that guests don't hear loud music and drunk people at night, which is nice for a good night sleep. 

Price & Award Stay
The prime location of this hotel makes the room rate is a little bit on the high end. I was fortunate to book our 4 night stays there far in advanced, and thus got a very reasonable rate with AAA discount. I did look at the room rate again after my booking, and the price went up to over $230 per night before tax. It was crazy! It wasn't just this hotel, but any other nice hotels in the French Quarter areas. It's a peak time to visit New Orleans for sure. 

You can also book this hotel using IHG points. It requires 40,000 points per night stay, which I think it's a little bit overrated and overpriced for points. But hey, if you are stuck with room rate that's too expensive to afford, it makes sense to redeem points for a free night stay. The points + cash option is also available at 35,000 Points + $70 or 30,000 Points + $40. The best way to rack up some IHG points is to sign up for the IHG Credit Card. Check out the Best Credit Cards Offers here. 

IHG Membership
Crowne Plaza is under IHG program as I mentioned above that you can redeem IHG points for free night stays there. If you have Platinum Status with IHG either through your several night stays with them or like me through having their IHG Credit Card, at check-in they will give you welcome gifts. I am sorry to say that the gifts are not that great - a bottle of water and a packet of trail mix. I could not help but giggled about this. Anyway, it's good to sign up for IHG member because as a member, you will have free access to the Internet wifi there. Otherwise, there's a fee for it. Signing up for IHG membership is free and can be done on IHG.com. As a member, you also earn IHG points through paid night stays that are booked directly with IHG. 

The Welcome Gifts *Giggling*
Room & Bed
All Crowne Plaza hotels tend to not impress me with their rooms. Given how nice the lobby looks, the room is actually mediocre to me. The beds and pillows are very comfortable, but it's little bit high. One thing that I really don't like is how small the window is in the room. I was hoping for bigger window to enjoy people watching on Canal Street and the surrounding tall buildings. Bathroom is alright too, nothing special to talk about. 

That's Pretty Much The Size Of The Window In Our Room
Crowne Plaza Astor French Quarter Hotel in New Orleans is a good decent hotel to stay at when the room rate isn't too expensive. The best part of this hotel is its prime location. So many tourist attractions nearby and within walking distance, yet far enough from all the hustles and bustles on the Bourbon Street. Room and bed are mediocre with small window. All in all, we did enjoy staying there for 4 nights, so I would give it 4 stars out of 5. Will we stay there again? Absolutely, if the room rate is not too expensive. 

The View From Our Room Through That Small Window. Not Bad!

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