April 12, 2016

Getting From Phuket to Phi Phi Island And Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island, Thailand - Here Is How

Beautiful Phi Phi Island
Not like Phuket, Phi Phi Island does not have an airport. So the only way to get to it is through ferry transfer. Phuket town itself is a big touristy industry, several tour desks and activities are available across the town, including the ferry transfer from Phuket to Phi Phi Island.

There are two major piers on Phi Phi Island. The first being the main pier called Tonsai Pier and the second pier being the pier that's close to the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island and the other two resorts there: Phi Phi Natural Resort and P.P. Erawan Palms Resort. Visitors can choose between these two piers as accommodations are available in both areas. Several ferry transfers company are available and most of them will stop at the main pier. Unless that first pier is your destination on Phi Phi Island, you will need to hire a longtail boat to take you from there to your destination. It's worth noting that you can also contact your lodging place to see if they can arrange a pick up for you from there.

View Upon Arrival at the Tonsai Pier
We were staying at the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island. After contacting the resort, we were informed that the best way to reach the resort is to go with Andaman Wave Master Company. The ferry will depart from Phuket at 08:30 am or 01:30 pm. These 2 times ferry will make the first stop at the main pier of Phi Phi Island, and drop you off at the second or last stop by the resort. After that, the resort's staff will pick up you and all your luggages from the ferry by longtail boat or "sort of engine operated cart" upon your arrival. The pick up service is free of charge and there's no need to make any reservations as long as you have room's reservation with them. The travel time is approximately around 3 hours, but it'll go by quick because the Andaman Sea beautifully keeps you occupied.

We Were Picked Up from the Ferry and Arrived at the Resort Via This "Cart" Transportation
The Andaman Sea's Rock Formations 
Andaman Wave Master Company is pretty reliable and safe. They have three types of class services available: the Standard, First, and Premium Class. Standard being economy class, and the difference between the First and Premium is that Premium class passengers have their own private sundeck, whereas the First shares with the Economy class passengers. We chose First class as the difference in price with the Economy wasn't huge. It was well worth it. The seats are more comfortable and definitely less crowds. You can view the photos of each class seats here. You also have the option to upgrade to the next class later on after boarding the ferry. The ferry ticket price also includes free shuttle from your hotel in Phuket to the ferry and from the ferry to your hotel on your return on a roundtrip ticket. In addition for being a ferry transfer service, they also work with hotels and resorts on Phi Phi island to offer visitors packages for overnight stays on the island. For more information on that, please check out their website. I'll be just focusing on the process of getting from Phuket to the Holiday Inn Resort here.

First Class Seats on the Andaman Wave Master's Ferry

The Process From Phuket to Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island

  1. Make room reservation with Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island.
  2. Reserve ferry ticket with Andaman Wave Master Company. Pick the time and class service that you want, as well as the free pick up and drop off shuttle service. 
  3. Double check the confirmation email, print it out once everything looks good. 
  4. On traveling day, wait in the lobby for the shuttle's pick up service if requested during ferry's booking above. The driver may ask to see your confirmation email, and then give you a sticker indicating where you are going on Phi Phi and the type of ferry's class service. 
  5. Upon arrival at the ferry terminal, check in with the Holiday Inn Resort's staff to get a bag tag for your bags. 
  6. On the boat, enjoy the scenery of the Andaman sea along with neat rock formations and caves. Several photo opportunities. 
  7. Stay onboard upon arrival at the first stop, which is the main pier called Tonsai Pier while the ferry is dropping off other passengers. 
  8. Continue on until you arrive at the second pier as the last stop close to the Holiday Inn Resort. 
  9. You will be told to get on either the longtail boat or the cart to get from the ferry to the Holiday Inn Resort's check-in lobby. There's no need to worry about your bags, they will be automatically picked up by the resort's staff later on. You might get to your room before your bags do. 
On the day that you depart Holiday Inn Resort back to Phuket. The resort's staff will take you to the ferry and load your bags for you onto the ferry. That process is really convenient. Upon arrival in Phuket, you will need to pick up your own bags from the ferry and then look for the sign held by the van's driver for the area in Phuket that you arranged the shuttle's drop off service for. 

Getting from Phuket to the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island can take time and effort. However, with some planning and understanding the process that I outlined above will help. To be able to experience Phi Phi Island is a unique experience that's worth doing and going through all the effort to get there. Enjoy your stay on Phi Phi. Check out my review on the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island.

Enjoy Your Stay at Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island

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  1. hey can u give the price details so that it will help us.we r planning for a trip around 20th may 2016

  2. You can go here http://www.andamanwavemaster.com/boat_schedule.html and scroll down a little bit and you should see the "FERRY TICKET PRICE PHUKET - PHI PHI ISLAND" - The price is in Thai currency, so you will have to convert that to which currency you are using.