April 21, 2016

Getting From Oslo Airport (OSL) to Oslo Central

Oslo, Norway makes it so convenient for travelers to travel from the Oslo Airport (OSL) to Oslo Central where most of the tourist things are happening.

There are a few ways to get from OSL Airport to Oslo Central such as the Flytoget Airport Express Train, Norwegian State Railways (NSB), Flybussen Bus, and of course Taxi. But in this post, I am going to only focus on the most efficient and economical way.

Taxi is obviously the most expensive method. The Flybussen Bus is alright but as we all know, buses are not that convenient and efficient compared to trains. The Flytoget Airport Express Train is faster than NSB trains, and thus more expensive. So our winner is the NSB (Norwegian State Railways).

All trains are operated in the airport's basement. NSB costs 92NOK (~$11) to travel one way. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office or the ticket machine. If you want to use the ticket kiosk machine, your credit card needs to be chip and PIN enabled. Chip and Signature card is not going to work. After coming out of customs, turn right and the ticket office and machines are on arrivals level. There will be signs there, so don't worry. You can also purchase ticket on board the train, but there will be additional charge of 40NOK (~$4-$5).

The Step By Step Getting On The Airport Train Process

  • After clearing the customs, turn right and walk pass the baggage claim area and out to the arrival hall. You will see the sign for the airport train. Follow that sign. 
  • If you look straight ahead, you will see two train schedule boards (Photo #1). One is for The Flytoget Airport Express train (Right), and the other is for NSB train (Left). NSB trains are cheaper. 
  • If you have credit card that is Chip & PIN enabled, you can purchase the ticket from the Ticket Kiosk Machine (Photo #1). If not, look to your left, you should see a red ticket office counter (Photo #2). Go there and purchase your ticket from the agent there. 
  • Follow the sign to the Track #4, which is at the basement. That's the track from Oslo Airport to the Oslo Central Station (Photo #3). 
  • Wait for your train! There will be schedule board at the track as well so you know when the train is coming. The process is really easy to follow, and the train ride is very comfortable (Photo #4). 
Photo #1: NSB Trains & Ticket Machines Are On The Left. Flytoget Airport Express Trains Are On The Right
Photo #2: Purchase NSB Train Tickets At The Ticket Office
Photo #3: NSB Trains From Oslo Airport To Oslo Central Is On Track Number 4
Photo 4: NSB Is A Comfortable Train Ride
You can go to NSB website to take a look at schedule and fare for more information. On the webpage, you can select Oslo Lufthavn (Lufthavn means airport) to Oslo S (S refers to the Central Station). On returning to the airport, you can also take NSB from the Oslo Central to Oslo Airport.

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  1. is it convenient to travel with our luggage bag in this NSB train ?

    1. Yes, it's a very clean train and hopefully it's not crowded. It's a very well maintained train.