April 10, 2016

Best Use of Choice Hotels Points From 6,000 to 25,000 Points in Europe

What I love about redeeming Choice points for a free night stay is that, for the same amount of points and if the hotel offers, your room options are not just the Standard Room. You can either pick the standard, or go for the bigger Superior Room or Suite, and more. Those rooms vary in price if you are paying with cash instead of points. Another great perk for Choice points redemption is that most Choice hotels in Europe provide free full breakfast with hot items that's not just continental breakfast. That alone saves you some money to spend on other things on your trip, and one less thing to worry about "where" to eat in the morning.

16,000 Points Get You 1 Free Night at an Excellent Location Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania in Oslo Norway in a Bedroom Suite and Free Full Breakfast!
Below are the hotels and points that you can redeem Choice points for a free night stay starting at just 6,000 points in Europe. Some of them look really nice and are located in a great location for tourism.

6,000 Points
Dublin, Ireland

8,000 Points
Copenhagen, Denmark
London, United Kingdom
Prague, Czech Republic
Paris, France - Close to Disneyland Park.
Rome, Italy

10,000 Points
Berlin, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Venice, Italy

12,000 Points
Bergen, Norway
Budapest, Hungary
Munich, Germany 
Nice, France
Vienna, Austria

16,000 Points
Oslo, Norway
Vilnius, Lithuania

20,000 Points
Istanbul, Turkey
Lisbon, Portugal

25,000 Points
Riga Latvia
Zurich, Switzerland

*Helsinki, Finland show unavailable.

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