February 11, 2016

Oslo to Copenhagen Ferry with DFDS Seaways

Besides other ways to get from Oslo Norway to Copenhagen Denmark such as flying, train, and bus, the most interesting and fun way to me is the ferry crossing, especially if you have never been on any cruises before. You can check out my review on the cruise ship here. 

DFDS Seaways is a European cruise company but they also provide ferry crossing between Oslo and Copenhagen and vice versa. The journey takes place in the evening at 4:30pm and arrive in Copenhagen at 9:45am in the morning, making it a total of 17 hours. Because this is similar to a cruise, you get to pick your own room to stay the night during booking, which is included in the price of the ticket. So you can look at it as renting out a hotel room for the night and you get to go to Copenhagen. The ticket price, however, does not include breakfast and dinner, but it's an add on option during the booking process, or if you want to save money, bring your own food and drinks!

I'll show you today how to book the ticket and the trick to get a cheaper ticket. 

The Booking Process
  • I prefer to use Google Chrome browser for this because I can add the Google Translate extension to the browser. If you don't use Chrome browser, the process would be just a little bit more challenging. 
  • Go to www.dfdsseaways.com
  • You will be prompted to select either UK website or EU website. Simply select one. 
  • At the right hand corner, you should see the Other DFDS Seawys websites drop down, select Norge as in Norwegian. The page will be completely in Norwegian language. That's why the Google Translate extension comes in handy. 
    • The differences between selecting English vs Norwegian site is that, if you are viewing English website, the ticket price will be either in Euro or British Pound. They are more expensive than Norwegian money Krone. 
  • I am just going to do Oslo - Copenhagen trip one way only for this. Kobenhavn is Copenhagen. Pick a ferry date, how many adults, vehicle or no vehicle, petty straight forward. 
  • You are now prompted to select cabin room. Since I'll be traveling solo, I picked the 1 bed seaview cabin. The price is the same as Interior room with no window. Below is comparison between the two different currencies according to today's rate I have been talking about for the same room type. Price may vary depending on your travel dates.

  • The rest of the booking process is simply some add on options such as meal, accommodation once you arrive in Copenhagen, insurance, passenger information, cabin detail (birth date in the format of  DD/MM/YY), etc. just pick whichever you are interested in. 
  • There's an administration fee of 28 Krone (~$4-$5) that will be added to the price of the ticket. There's also a service charge if you are paying with a credit card; however, there is no fee if you are paying with a debit card. Make sure the debit card has no foreign transaction fee. I personally used Charles Schwab debit card. It's one of my favorite debit cards for traveling overseas whenever I cannot use my points earning no foreign transaction fees credit card. The Charles Schwab debit card does not have foreign transaction fees and they reimburse all my ATM fees. If you don't have one, do the math to see if it's worth paying the service fee with no foreign transaction fee credit card. 
  • Once the transaction is approved, you are all set and they will send you a confirmation email. Enjoy the ferry (sort of cruise) crossings from Oslo to Copenhagen. 
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