February 12, 2016

Copenhagen to Stockholm by Train SJ2000

Europe is my favorite continent to travel to because traveling from one European country to another is so fun and convenient. You have the options of bus, train, ferry, so on and so forth. Yesterday I wrote about the ferry crossings from Oslo to Copenhagen. Today I am going to show you how to book the high speed train SJ2000 from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

When it comes to the price ticket for traveling via train in Europe, the sooner you book the ticket the cheaper the price is. Most train company usually opens for booking 90 days in advance. The SJ2000 train is one of them.

The Booking Process
  • Go to www.sj.se
  • On the right hand side, you can select English version. Whatever language you select won't matter to the price like the ferry crossings from Oslo to Copenhagen.
  • Before jumping on to the From and To section, check out their Best Buy Calendar tab to see the possible lowest price. It's a pretty neat tool. You can select your From and To there as well. Going from Copenhagen to Stockholm, make sure you select Kobenhaven H, which is the Copenhagen Central Station. Your destination is Stockholm C as in Stockholm Central Station. 
  • Alternatively, if the Best Buy Calendar tab doesn't work for you, you can always go to the Buy Tickets tab, pick a date and how many adults, etc. There are some check boxes for Show SJ only, Show high-speed train, show buses.... please note that the SJ2000 train is the one that goes high speed and non-stop for 5 hours and 50 minutes. Therefore check Show SJ only and uncheck show buses. If you don't do that, it will display results of SJ2000 train along with other train/bus that has at least 1 stop as shown in my screenshot below. I personally don't like the hassles of changing train or changing train to bus... so this is completely up to you. 
  • On the result page, you will see the fare for both 2nd class and 1st class. For May 11 date, the ticket fare is 195 SEK (~$23 US dollars) for a non-rebookable ticket for SJ2000 train. There's also a little text that says "Later journeys the same day" in case it only shows morning train ones.

    Copenhagen to Stockholm on high speed train for only $23 US Dollars!!
  • After selection, here's the part that I love about this booking. You get to reserve your seat. If you don't care which direction the train is going like I do, this shouldn't be a problem for you. I tend to get train sick if I am sitting and facing the other direction the train goes. Seat selection is included in the price, and they also provide you a seating diagram to look at. The train goes both ways, so it's important to know that from Copenhagen to Stockholm is Northbound and Stockholm to Copenhagen is Southbound. 
  • You have the option to add on a meal if you want. 
  • Finally, there's a booking fee, but there's no service fee if you pay for your ticket with a credit card. Make sure to use the credit card that has no foreign transaction fees so that you can select the option to be charged in SEK currency as opposed to US dollars as they tend to give you worse exchange rate than what the credit card company does. 

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