February 14, 2016

Bali Public Transportation

Bali is an island that consists of many towns such as Legian, Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, etc. The public transportation does exist, but it's not the most convenient way to get around this big island. Attractions are far from one another and definitely require transportation.

The best way to get around in Bali is to hire a personal private driver. This is not a taxi-metered type of driver, but rather you pay him for the whole journey to and from your destination. He is not a tour guide either. Although he could suggest things to do and see, he is not going into the attraction site to guide you through the site and tell you about the history goodies. I am sure there are tour guides for that but the "personal private driver" that I am talking about here are not that type of guide. The vehicle will be just you and your party along with the driver. You take your own time and at your own pace to sightsee the site, the driver will always be there at the parking lot waiting for you to return.

There are a lot of those in Bali. It's not necessary to pre-arrange this. You can either book this through the tour desks all over in Bali or my recommendation is to ask the hotel. Talk to the driver where you want to go, or if you don't know where, the driver has a catalog book of many attractions site in Bali with photos that you can look at, then you can negotiate the price. Once you are agreed on the price, date and time, he'll take you to a site and wait for you to return so that he can take you to the next site(s) or take you back to the hotel after the completion of the journey. You then pay him, tipping is optional but please consider paying your driver if the service is good. He'll be with you the entire time and make some suggestions on the way to your destination. Please note that you are also responsible for paying for the site's entrance fees and your lunch/dinner.

Beautiful Cliffside Tanah Lot Temple in Bali can be seen with hiring a Personal Private Driver
We were staying at the Ramada Resort Camakila in Legian. We found our driver from the resort, Mister Super, through the hotel. He came to meet me and I told him where I wanted to see and what I wanted to do. I also looked at his catalog book to get more ideas. I bargained with him the price a little bit. He was very friendly and really reliable. He speaks perfect English and was very knowledgeable about Bali. Best of all, he's a super good driver. We have had bad experiences with good and bad drivers in Bali, but Mr. Super is a very good driver, so we felt super safe riding in his van. He was our personal driver the entire time during our visit to Bali. Below is our driver's business card. Although it says he stands by the Ramada resort, he's available to be hired for any visitors staying at other hotels or resorts. He'll go meet you in person. Unfortunately, he does not have email address but you can call or text him on the phone or email Ramada resort to get ahold of him.

Our Personal Private Driver in Bali
Bali's public transportation does exist, but it's not the best and most convenient way to get around in Bali to sightsee things. The best way is to hire a personal private driver either through the tour desk or ask your hotel for one. He'll be with you the entire time, taking you from the hotel and to your destination roundtrip, allowing you to visit attraction site(s) at your own time. You pay him for the entire journey, and he helps you make some itinerary along the way to your destination. This is a wonderful way to see other areas in Bali and to check out some amazingly beautiful temples in Bali. I strongly recommend this if you want to do a few day trips here and there while visiting Bali, or you simply want to get from beach towns to Ubud.

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