January 3, 2016

How to Get from Bali Airport to Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Sanur, etc.?

There's no good public transportation from Bali airport (Ngurah Rai Airport) to Kuta, Legian, etc. There are two options available:
  1. TAXI: After going through the immigration and customs at International Arrival, continue following the sign for taxi. After exiting the airport building, ignore any tout on the way and turn to your left hand side. There's a big "Airport Taxi Counter" sign there. There's also a sign indicates the rate from airport to several towns in Bali, make sure to look for it and determine the price.  Then go to the counter and let one of the guys in the blue pattern shirt know where you are going such as hotel name and town. Compare the price he told you to what you saw on the rate sign. Although the Airport Taxi Counter is well known for honesty, some drivers can still try to charge visitors more than what the price is supposed to be. That's why I strongly encourage you to look for the rate sign. 
    • They don't accept credit card there, cash only. But you pay after you arrive at your destination so the driver is okay to drop you off somewhere along the way to use ATM machine, or you can exchange money somewhere or at the hotel. There are So many types of those services there, so no need to worry about that. 
    • For reference: the price from airport to Kuta should be around 75,000 IDR and to Legian should be around 95,000 IDR. If he tells you otherwise, negotiate! The taxi car is blue color. I do not recommend any other taxi services. Remember 3 things: Airport Taxi Counter, Men in blue pattern shirt, Blue Taxi 

    • Bali Airport Taxi Counter at International Arrival. Photo Source: Bali Store Luggage

  2. HOTEL AIRPORT TRANSFER: I personally feel like this is the less hassle way to deal with  the stress trying to negotiate for the taxi at the counter as not to get ripped off. Contact the hotel you will be staying at and ask them to quote you a transfer from airport to the hotel. Most hotels there do and although the price often is a little bit extra, I really think it's worth it. For me, after a long haul International flight into Bali from the US, I will be so exhausted to try to talk deals getting transportation to the hotel. What cool thing about the Hotel Airport Transfer is that you know the price upfront and you will be greeted right away by the transfer guy holding your name on the sign board after you exit the airport. From my experience, the transfer driver Bali is very friendly and very prompt. Sometimes, it's good to pay a little bit extra to avoid all the hassles. 

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