January 23, 2016

Cancun Public Transportation

Disclaimer: Please note that this article only focuses on the buses that go along the Kukulcan Boulevard or Hotel Zone into Cancun Downtown. It does not cover public transportation to Tulum, Playa del Carmen or Chichen Itza. 

Cancun White Sandy Beach

Most visitors that go to Cancun will likely stay down the Hotel Zone or Kukulcan Boulevard. This boulevard is filled with many hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops, activities, and more. It's a long stretch of boulevard so it will require a lot of walking. Thanks to the city buses, it makes getting around Cancun so much easy and convenient. 

The buses go up and down the Kukulcan Boulevard and into Cancun Downtown where many flea markets are. The bus fare is priced for single trip only, but it's very cheap. During my visit in 2015, it was $1 US dollar per ride per person, but we preferred to pay in Mexican Pesos as it will make the fare even cheaper. Once you get off the bus and catch another one, you will have to pay again. You can pay cash directly to the bus driver and the driver will make change for you. 

The bus routes are R-1 and R-2. They run 24/7. You can't really miss them because they come and go very frequent. I was very impressed. They have bus stations where you can wait, but sometimes if you don't feel like running to the station in order to not miss the bus, you can wave your hand and some drivers might stop for you. It's Mexico after all!

Most buses are not air conditioned, so it's better to find a seat that has window open because it's really hot and humid over there. The stop request button is a "hit and miss" on those buses, the best thing to do is to tell the driver where you are heading while you are paying for the bus fare. They are very friendly and helpful. They'll let you know once your destination is reached. 

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